Sister school partnership program

    Today, we were given a brief about SEAMOLEC and their activities in the field of promoting open distance learning. This activiti took place at SEAMOLEC office, Pondok Cabe.
    We impress about SEAMOLEC role to the e-learning development program. After SEAMOLEC profile presentation, audiens asked many questions until the time remind us to take a break for praying and lunch. It wasn’t realize, because the discussion was so interesting.
    SEAMOLEC is welcoming us as  teachers or principals to utilize their reserach paper, colsultant services and training program in order to implement the e-learning program in our school.
    After lunch the activity was continued with the presentation about preparation before meeting school partners in Bangkok. Pak Aritonang explain about the sister school program, its objective, benefits, and also the draft for MoU and action plan. Finally we finished at 15.00. Everybody was busy after that, packaging, shop for souvenier, change rupiahs with dolars.
    Tomorrow at 9.55 we will take off from Bandara Soekarno-Hatta by air asia plane. We still don’t know about the flight number, Bu Anti did all the necesary things for us.
    Hopefully that the objective of this program will be completed as what we planned.
    See u in Bangkok
    (I don’t know how to say it in Thailand language, soon i’ll be learn)

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